Forge works with small and mid-sized organizations to professionalize their operations. Our services include:

board & organizational development – small and mid-sized nonprofits often need extra support in building the capacity of their boards, staff and volunteers. Forge helps clarify roles, strengthen vision, develop teamwork and formalize leadership wherever it resides.

program development & evaluation – identify measurable outcomes, determine indicators, identify mechanisms for collecting data, and use evaluation as both a funding and program improvement tool.

professional development support & coaching – use evaluation in a way that is about learning and growth rather than simple reward and punishment, maximize individual skills and talents through professional development plans implement personnel strategies that create buy-in and engagement in the organization’s mission.  Individual coaching for young professionals committed to social missions is a particular area of expertise.

communications planning – whether it is a website, annual report, outreach brochure, email campaign or an audit of your existing communication activities, create messages with impact and consistency.

systems design & implementation – growth presents challenges in meeting financial, administrative and personnel management demands.  Forge specializes in working with formal and informal organizations to ensure that systems and procedures help spur rather than hinder growth.  Smart use of emerging communication technologies are a particular area of strength in this work.

technology planning – minimize technology-related crises, use staff time efficiently, and avoid wasting money on equipment. Create a plan to help you think through your priorities in order to use technology in a way that directly furthers your mission.

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