Sita Ahlen

Marketing and Administrative Support Contractor
Based in Colorado Springs, CO (MST timezone)

Sita works with Forge Consulting to assist with grant research and proposal support, social media engagement and outreach, and various administrative duties. 

Sita’s passions revolve around understanding and bettering one’s communities through grassroots and mutual aid-based practices. Her interests in advocacy center around working-class communities, women, the LGBTQ+ communities, environmental sustainability practices, and more.

Sita’s career has been defined by roles that emphasize community engagement and social impact. This includes past roles as a Social Media Manager and Vote411 Coordinator with the League of Women Voters and Colorado Latino’s Vote as a Social Media Manager and Voter Agent. Currently, Sita works as a Community Engagement Representative at Underline, a fiber-optic infrastructure company based in El Paso County Colorado.

To find out more about my background and qualifications visit my LinkedIn.