Clients and Engagements

Past and current contracts:

We’ve had the privilege of working with these great organizations.

Bookkeeping and administrative tools development, implementation and other supports.
State and Federal grant writing to support the expansion and innovation of the EV carshare program in environmental justice communities in New England.
Designed and delivered on multiple occasions a simulated public hearing as part of a civic empowerment training series.
Also supported with communications and web/CRM development and training support.
Facilitated board training as a precursor to strategic planning and conducted strategic input sessions with care providers.
2023: Grant support to help AFCC complete its capital campaign.
2024: Supported MA State ECC recontracting process.
Lowell Votes CERT – 2023 Program coordination support for the emerging candidate and campaign training in Lowell, MA. First designed by Mary Tauras in 2021.
Board facilitation on reviewing vision and mission to prepare for long-term strategic planning. Other supports upon request.
Solidarity Lowell
Facilitating dialogue group series addressing white privilege and white supremacy, as well as navigating highly charged political discussions in family and community settings.
Facilitated action-oriented meetings identifying strategic priorities.
Developed and delivered board and staff retreats leading to a multi-phase strategic planning process, in addition to support provided to the organization and staff for planning and coordinating civics work.
3-day co-moderation and facilitation of a Citizens Review panel for the Nurses Staffing Ratios ballot question.
Supported the Portrait of a Graduate activities as a subcomponent of the district’s strategic planning process in collaboration with Project LEARN.
Developed and delivered board retreat as a pre-cursor to strategic planning.
Constructing and scoring a research performance task to assist in the hire of a new research policy director.
Co-created and facilitated a 3-day board and staff strategic retreat.
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Developed the agenda and planning facilitation of a day-long board retreat, as well as working with the board to update their 2021 strategic plan.
Developed and delivering a participatory design process for a new Market Garden program and secured pro bono landscape design consultation for community garden site.
Developed and delivered board retreats as a pre-cursor to strategic planning.
Contributed to strategic thinking about immigrant integration in Lowell, MA to help cross-sector leaders set benchmarks for improvement per the Welcoming Standard.