Clients and Engagements

Recent & upcoming connections . . .

Forge was hibernating for a while, but since 2018 we’ve relaunched our consulting offerings under a partnership, adding Mary Tauras to the team.

We’ve had the privilege of working with these great organizations.

supporting Portrait of a Graduate activities as a subcomponent of the district’s strategic planning process in collaboration with Project LEARN
developed and delivered board and staff retreats leading to a multi-phase strategic planning process
facilitated action-oriented meeting identifying strategic priorities
co-created and facilitated a 3-day board and staff strategic retreat
facilitated board training as a precursor to strategic planning and conducted strategic input sessions with care providers
constructing and scoring a research performance task to assist in the hire of a new research policy director
Solidarity Lowell
facilitating dialogue group series addressing white privilege and white supremacy..
developed and delivered board retreats as a pre-cursor to strategic planning
developed and delivered board retreat as a pre-cursor to strategic planning
designed and delivered on multiple occasions a simulated public hearing as part of a civic empowerment training series
developing and delivering a participatory design process for a new Market Garden program and secured pro bono landscape design consultation for community garden site
Image result for angkor dance troupe
developing the agenda and planning facilitation of a day-long board retreat as well as working with the board to update their 2021 strategic plan.
contributed to strategic thinking about immigrant integration in Lowell, MA