Here’s how we can help . . .

We work primarily with small and mid-sized, mission-driven organizations. We bring a combined half-century of experience to organizations doing good work with talented people to make them stronger. Below are just a few of the ways in which we can work together. These are our signature programs and openings for 2024.

More about our services:

facilitation & planning

Often you know what you need, but you just want a little extra support and guidance. We can help you plan for and/or run that board or staff retreat, strategic visioning process, fund development plan, or any range of activities that would benefit from an expert, outsider’s eye.

demonstrating impact

We’ve spent time in nonprofits, community-based work, and research, developing logic models and theory of change visualizations, identifying measurable outcomes, determining indicators, creating mechanisms for collecting data and using evaluation as both a funding and program improvement tool. Funders and donors increasingly want to see how their money is being used. Let me help you build the evidence to make your impact value statement.

coaching for emerging leaders

We were once young nonprofit professionals in need of mentoring and support. We are energized to share what we know with a new generation of leaders. We have years of teaching and staff development combined with on-the-ground knowledge which make us effective coaches for young professionals committed to social missions.

organizational development

As start-ups grow into small organizations and small organizations grow to mid-sized ones, systems and structures need to adapt. Let us help you break down your administrative, program, and fiscal challenges into manageable bits that can be solved. We are super organized and creative.

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